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Quality Improvement Supplement (QIS) Toolbox

During 2008, the Accreditation Powers & Duties Section was expanded to include the voluntary Quality Improvement Supplement (QIS). This was done, in part, to help prepare Michigan LHDs for participation in the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) voluntary national accreditation program under development. The requirements of the Michigan Local Public Health Accreditation Program QIS align very closely with the PHAB standards for quality.

In an effort to improve health outcomes for all Michigan residents, the Accreditation QIS measures LHD capacity to evaluate and continuously improve public health processes and programs. Specifically, goals of the Accreditation QIS are to:

Establish cultures of quality improvement within Michigan LHDs
Evaluate the effectiveness of public health processes and/or program goals and performance measures
Implement quality improvement of public health processes and/or program goals

To encourage participation in the Accreditation QIS and save time for busy local health staff, the MDCH Office of Local Health Services and the Michigan Public Health Institute have identified or developed templates and/or examples for LHD use in preparing for participation in the QIS including:

Sample QI Policy
Sample QI Plan
Sedgewick County Health Department (Kansas) QI Plan
Sample Goals and Objectives
QIS Presentation for LHD use with Boards of Health/Commissions
QIS Speaking Points for LHD use with Boards of Health/Commissions
Template and Survey Distribution Process for LHD Customer Satisfaction Survey
QI Project Tracking Template

We genuinely believe these items will save time and be of value in preparing for the Accreditation QIS. Please feel free to modify and customize any or all of these documents to meet specific health department needs. Questions about these documents may be directed to Mark Miller, Director of Local Health Services at 517.335.8032 or via email to millerm1@michigan.gov

2009 Michigan Premier Public Health Conference Pre-session: National Accreditation and Quality Improvement

Session Abstract
Quality Assurance, Quality Improvement, and Accreditation Presentation
Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) in Brief Presentationa
Process Mapping Presentation
Data Presentation
Data Exercises

2010 Michigan Premier Public Health Conference Pre-session: Quality Improvement Tools and Techniques

Session Abstract
Quality Improvement and PDSA for Public Health Presentation
Quality Improvement Tools Presentation
Quality Improvement Scenario for Exercises
Example Process Map for Exercises
Check Sheet Exercise
Pareto Chart Exercise
Run Chart Exercise
Quality Improvement Resources



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